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San Jose Campus, Swisher Library: Gomez/Flu

The Bolles School San Jose Campus Swisher Library

Jacksonville Historical Society


Special thanks to the Jacksonville Historical Society for curating archives and primary resources related to Jacksonville, and a huge thank you to JHS Librarian Georgia Pribanic for providing access to their archives as well as taking time to scan documents to share.  

Add "visit Jacksonville Historical Society" to your Things to Do in Jacksonville bucket list.   




History of Jacksonville, Florida and Vicinity 1513 - 1924

  • Yellow Fever Epidemic, 1888: pdf pages 215 - 221. OG book pages 180 -186. 
  • Influenza Epidemic, 1918:  pdf pages 316 (bottom) - 318.  OG book page 272 (bottom) - 274. 


Flu Pandemic 1918 (general research information)

Books, stories on the shelf in Swisher