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San Jose Campus, Swisher Library: International Poetry Video Anthology

The Bolles School San Jose Campus Swisher Library

International Poetry Video Anthology 2021

Welcome to the International Poetry Video Anthology. 

Many thanks to the World Langauges Department and the English Department for coordinating and submitting works. 

If a student submitted a translation with their poem you will find it listed at the bottom of each column. 

Please scroll and enjoy!

Last Names A-G

Avani Bansal, En Tanto que de Rosa y de Azucena by Garcilaso de la Vega, Spain


Amber Bansal, The Common Man's Pain is Like a Mountain by Dushyant Kumar, India


Isabel Bassin, Demain dès l'aube by Victor Hugo, France  


Leila Bata, Souffles by Birago Diop, Senegal


Louie Body, Au petite bonheur by Norge, Belgium 


Alex Boutwell, Basho's Death Poem by Matuso Basho, Japan 


Alyona Chugay, Ruslan and Lyudmila by Aleksandr Pushkin, Russia


Gabriel Coleman, An Meinan Birnbaum by Reinhold Schneider, Germany 


Kyle Crawford, Soleil Serpent by Aimé Césaire, France (Martinique) 



Maddie Crawford, Les Sirènes by Gilles Vigneault, Canada (Quèbec)


Andrew Dickson, Eating Bamboo Shoots by Bo Juyi, China 


Andrew Dickson, On Being Sixty by Bo Juyi, China


Ellion Doyle, Friends (Untitled Poem) by Anonymous, Thailand


Andres Dupont-Cabrera, Balada de los Abuelos by Nicolás Guillén, Cuba 


Su Ertekin-Taner, On Living by Nazim Hikmet, Turkey


Carrie Ezzell, The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry, USA


Puyu Fan, Peach Blossom Spring by Tao Yuanming, China 


Magnolia Fox, Leopard by Anonymous, Yoruba. 


Millicent Fox, Words from Cold Mountain by Hanshan, China 


Isabelle Gurtler and Layne Rivera, dia Familiar by Francisco Alarcón, Spain 

Last Names H-O

Richa Harmani, Kayena Vacha (Prayer to Lord Vishnu) by Anonymous, Hinduism


Ridhi Harmani, Soir d'hiver by by Émile Nelligan, Canada(Québec)

Catherine Hunt, Chicken by Anonymous, Yoruba


Anna Jacobson, Lesson in Fire by Linda Noel, Koyongk'awi USA


Anna Jacobson, The Wall by Anita Endrezze, Yaqui USA


Daniel Ji, Grass by Bai Juyi, China  


Emma Joost, Yo no tengo soledad by Gabriela Mistral, Chile  


Riya Kar, Wondering Minds by Gulzar, India 


Katrina Kirov, I am a Bulgarian by Ivan Vazov, Bulgaria 


Emily Lekas, Mola Mola by Emily Lekas, USA


Bingwen (Dylan) Ma, Three Five Seven Words by Li Bai, China 


Nian Lyu, Water Melody by Su Shi, China


Alana McIntyre-Nathari, VICTORY by Alana McIntyre-Nathari, USA


Davis Meux, Pangur Bán by Anonymous 9th Century Monk, Ireland 


Kate Meyers-Labenz, The Sad Mother by Gabriela Mistral, Chile 


Alex Meyers-Labenz, Limits by Jorge Luis Borges, Argentina 


Makoto Mikkaichi, Kite (Way to Home) by Ryuichi Tamura, Japan 


Lilly Moore, Los Manos de la Agua by David Huerta, Mexico  

Last Names P-Z

Deiya Pandya, Le pont Mirabeau by Guillaume Appollinaire, France 


Max Passali, The Infinite by Giacomo Leopardi, Italy


Maya Patel, Dialogue in the Mountains by Li Po, China 


Sara Phillips-Bourass, Expatriation and Nostalgia by Ahmad Shawqi, Egypt 



Aditi Ranjan, Basanti Hawa by Kedarnath Agarwal, India 


Lilly Salvador, Catullus 58 by Catullus, Ancient Rome


Manita Sathianchokwisan, Khun Chang Khun Phaen by Sunthorn Phu, Thailand


Dylan Schwartz, Wolves by Vrouwkje Tuninman, Netherlands 


Ashkon Shirazi, For Years my Heart Inquired of Me by Hafez, Iran 


Veronica Sippens-Groenewegen, Viewing The Ocean by Cao Cao, China 


Adriana Stam, A Margarita Debayle by Rubén Dario, Nicaragua 


Raina Swani, Peace Comes to You by Ing-On Vibulbhan Watts, India


Milan Thomas, The Little Town by Anna de Noailles, France 


Vincent Venus, Running Out of Time by Joanna Fuchs, USA  


Langxi Wang, On the Height by Du Fu, China


Pengfei Wang, On the Stork Tower by Wang Zhihuan, China 


Sara Wasserman, Petit printemps by Albert Atzenwiler, Switzerland


Gage White, The Island by Anonymous, Puerto Rico


Jessica Zeng, When Did We Separate by Jean-Fernand Brierre, Haiti