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San Jose Campus, Swisher Library: Kmieciak / Shakespeare

The Bolles School San Jose Campus Swisher Library

Assignment Directions

AP Shakespeare Essay 2023-24
Due Wednesday, 2/21 (periods 1 and 2); due Thursday 2/22 (periods 5 and 7)

  • Write an essay about either Macbeth or Hamlet (not both) wherein you consider the play via the views set forth by A.C. Bradley in “Shakespearean Tragedy” (in the back of your Macbeth Signet edition) or by Maynard Mack in “The World of Hamlet” (Hamlet Signet edition) or by any other legitimate critic in a peer reviewed essay.

  • To find essays other than the ones by Maynard and Mack, you can look at those in the back of the Signet editions, or in a library book, or in JSTOR or The Gale Library sources. You can access those electronic library sources by the link within the Macbeth and Hamlet folder on Schoology or through the Swisher Library's research website.  Click the library page’s Schoology icon to the right for passwords to JSTOR and Gale.

  • You should not attempt to summarize or analyze the critical essay. Instead, you should find some point with which you disagree. Then based on an in-depth analysis of evidence from the play, explain how you disagree with that point. You also should also support a single point of your position with one statement from one other critic.

  • Please develop your own thesis for this assignment; if you need help with a thesis, please feel free to see me or to read the thesis statement articles/link in the Schoology Writing Tips folder.

  • You should follow the MLA format at Purdue Owl, and after submitting your final draft to Turnitin, the paper must be printed, stapled to a rough draft, and turned in during class. Please also turn in the two outside sources, highlighting the mistaken point in the first source and the supporting point in the second source.

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