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San Jose Campus, Swisher Library: Kervin / Global Studies Literary Exchange

The Bolles School San Jose Campus Swisher Library

Global Studies Literary Collaboration Kervin/Pett

The Global Studies Literary Collaboration, led by Bolles Upper School English teacher Marie Kervin and Ben Jones from Alleyns School in London, explores literary themes and cultures through a variety of diverse literature. This co-taught literature exchange program aims to immerse all participants in both Southern American literature and British Literature through themes that highlight the diversity and heritage of these regions.  To learn more about this unique course, contact your academic advisor or Mrs. Kervin directly.  

Participants, pre-selected book list suggestions related to course themes can be found below in the galleries.  Click on the cover to check availability in the library catalog.  

  • Femininity and Masculinity
  • Civilization and Savagery
  • Exploration and Discovery
  • Power and Resistance
  • Chaos and Order
  • Survival and Sacrifice
  • Horizons

Femininity and Masculinity

Power and Resistance


Civilization and Savagery

Chaos and Order

Exploration and Discovery

Survival and Sacrifice