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San Jose Campus, Swisher Library: Willis / Infectious Disease

The Bolles School San Jose Campus Swisher Library

Assignment Directions

Infectious Disease Project

What is it?  You will choose one infectious disease each for this project. Individually you each will turn in a detailed outline with information about your disease. Together with a partner, you will produce a 5 minute video that gives information about both of the diseases. All components will count as a test grade.

Important due dates:

Tuesday October 22nd  : Topics List 5 pts.  See below for details.

Tuesday Nov 19th:    Detailed outline 50 pts See below for details.

Friday December 6th  :  Video Presentation 30 pts: Submitted and played in class

Total Points Possible: 85 pts and will count as a test grade for Quarter 4

Breakdown of Individual Components

  1. Topic Due: 5 pts: Due Tuesday October 22nd: 5 pts
    1. Turn in your 2 topic ideas and a paragraph description of each disease
    2. You need to include the website/link where you found your information
    3. This should be typed up
    4. Diseases you CANNOT Choose: HIV or Influenza
  2. Detailed Outline: Due Tuesday Nov. 19th : 50 pts
  • The outline should include the following information:
    • General Description of Disease
    • Cause of the Disease
      • Details about the pathogen
    • Prevalence and Distribution
      • What parts of the world does it affect? How many people have it in the U.S.? In the world? Which areas are most affected?
    • Pathology
      • How does the disease damage the body? How does it cause the signs and symptoms of the disease?
      • What areas of the body does it affect?
    • Treatments/ Prevention
      • Are there any treatments available? If so, include details about the options.
      • Is there any research currently being conducted on various treatments?
    • Interesting Facts/Current Research- Look into current studies about cause or treatments give specifics here
  • Each fact or bullet point on the outline should include a footnote that has the source. This footnote does not have to be a complete bibliography but rather can be the website address.
  1. Video Presentation 30 pts: Due Friday Dec. 6th   
    1. You can and should be creative with this part- it could be a commercial or a scene you act out that shows some aspect of the disease