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San Jose Campus, Swisher Library: The Writer's Studio 22-23

The Bolles School San Jose Campus Swisher Library

About The Writer's Studio

The Writers’ Studio, established in 2016 with the support of an Ottenstroer grant, serves the students and faculty on the Upper School campus, providing peer to peer tutorial services for students seeking assistance with English essays, research papers, labs, projects and presentations. In addition, students may receive assistance with critical reading skills.

The studio also offers leadership opportunities for its peer consultants in various programs, working with students at multiple grade levels, mentoring young writers, and assisting faculty with peer consultant/student dialogue about writing. The studio fosters the concept of one-on-one peer tutoring for students with a desire to improve and to enhance their writing skills. Within the studio, students may receive assistance from a peer consultant or an English faculty member. The peer consultants receive guidance from the director, but the peer consultants provide the necessary support to fellow students to gain confidence in their writing skills.

Current Writer Studio peer consultant bio's are listed below as well as our current schedule.  We are located in Shultz 209. 

Peer Consultant Bios, 22-23

Meet your 22-23 Writer's Studio Peer Consultants.  

My name is Liam, and I am a Junior at Bolles with a passion for computer science. I currently lead the software team on Bolles Robotics, and I’ll be acting as co-president of the new computer science club this year. Personal projects pertaining to game production have allowed me to exercise my writing through code documentation and development logs. My favorite part of writing includes the process in scientific reports of examining and drawing conclusions from data, as well as the editing and revising workflow. I hope to hone my skills as I progress through Junior year by expanding my portfolio to include projects on data sciences and machine learning with written reports and records.

Hello! My name is Zoe Lieb, I’m a senior and I’m so excited to be in the Writers Studio this year! I’ve taken Honors English, History, and French throughout high school, including AP Lang and APUSH. I am currently taking AP Lit and AP French. I’m vice president of the French club, goalkeeper on the varsity soccer team, and this year’s senior Gridiron co-chair. In my free time, I love to read and write the occasional poem. I’m interested in helping you with your creative writing assignments, as well as any presentations you might have, in English and/or French.


My name is Gabe Coleman, and I've been at Bolles since second grade. I enjoy running track, critiquing movies, and raising money for the Alzheimer's Association in honor of my grandmother, Pat, who has the disease. My friends think I'm weird because I only order the classic buffalo sauce flavor when we go to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I think it's weird that they haven't figured out what they like yet. I know for a fact that I like writing, though, so I'm very excited to be working in the studio this year.

Hi! My name is Annie Marrone I am a senior at Bolles. I am a member of the Bolles girls basketball team and spend a lot of time playing basketball and softball. I have taken AP LANG and APUSH, and currently take AP LIT and MEHAP, so I am eager to help with either subject of writing. 

Hi! I'm Sarah McGrath and I'll be helping in the writer's studio Thursday's during zero hour. I am a senior and have been at Bolles for six years. I currently take English IV AP Literature and I enjoy writing.

Hi, I’m Kelly Donovan! I’m in 12th grade and have been at Bolles since 7th grade. I’ve always really enjoyed writing and English, so I’m super excited to help out in the Writer’s Studio this year!

Hi! My name is Katie Farr and I am a peer consultant in the Writer's Studio this year. I am so excited to work with students this year on their writing and English skills! I also have taken Chinese for 6 years and can help with that area as well!

I am Sofia Petrucelli! I am excited to have the opportunity to help my peers in Writer's Studio this year! Additionally, I am in AP Chinese and would be able to help students whose first language is Chinese.


My name is Katherine Asbury. Outside of class, I am a sprinter on the track team, President of The V.E.T.S. Club, and a pet sitter. My favorite aspect of writing is that each work can reveal a glimmer of the writer’s personality. When I graduate Bolles in 2024, I intend to pursue a career in which I can showcase my passion for writing.

Hi! I’m El and I am an Aquarius ENTP. I have been in Honors/AP English from freshman to senior year and I am happy to help with any writing questions you may have! I will be in the studio towards the beginning of the week (Monday, Tuesday) but if you need me just email -> See you there! 😊

Hey, I’m Alida Cucoranu! I’m a senior who has taken AP and Honors English in the past. I’m proficient in English, Romanian, and Spanish. I also love playing tennis, coaching tennis, making art, reading, and practicing yoga and meditation.  I am captain of the varsity tennis team and I’m also involved in the art club, student diversity committee, and am part of an organization called ENGin. I have experience with tutoring international students in English proficiency and writing and am excited to be joining the Writers’ Studio this year! If you ever see neon orange tennis shoes on campus, feel free to say hi!

I am currently a senior here at Bolles and have attended this school since sixth grade. I plan to major in Neurobiology. I like to play tennis and baseball and watch college football or basketball in my free time. I’ve had two pets in my life; once I had a goldfish that died the next day and currently, I have a dog. Although I’m more of a stem person, I believe the ability to write well benefits all fields of passion. Good writing allows one to express their field of knowledge in a formatted and easily understandable way, no matter the basis of that knowledge.